Mavericks and Western Digital – Data Loss [Updated]

06. November 2013 Security 2
Western Digital sent out another update that may give us a bit more information on what’s going on, here it is: Dear WD Registered Customer, On October 30th, 2013 Western Digital informed registered customers of affected products via E-mail regarding reports of Western Digital and other external HDD products experiencing data loss when updating to ...

It’s time to talk about passwords again

06. November 2013 Security 0
As you may have heard, Adobe was kind enough to give attackers access to over 2.9 million user names, passwords and other details. No wait it’s more, 38 million. No wait, turns out the actual number is over 130 million. Since then a few things have happened: the entire list of stolen records have been ...

Mavericks and Western Digital – Data Loss [Update Nov 5th]

31. October 2013 Security 3
I received this e-mail earlier tonight and wanted to share it as Western Digital is quite popular amongst Mac users. Dear WD Registered Customer, As a valued WD customer we want to make you aware of new reports of Western Digital and other external HDD products experiencing data loss when updating to Apple’s OS X ...

Setting up your own sync server [Updated]

27. October 2013 Security 0
NOTE: I have moved this post in it’s entirety to a separate page set which can be found in the top menu or here. Comments have been moved to the last page of that set as well. Splitting the post up into multiple pages is easier to read for you and easier to update for ...

About the new OS X, 10.9 Mavericks

26. October 2013 Security 11
Something I had noticed back in August while using the developer preview of Mavericks was that the ability to sync contacts, calendars, email accounts and bookmarks was no longer there. I had hoped this was something that would make an appearance again after Mavericks was officially released to the public but as people are finding ...

Antivirus testing, methodology and PDF changes

26. October 2013 Security 0
I have adjusted the testing methodology and some of these changes are reflected in the latest PDF. These changes are: – Results for the top performing AV applications now show results for on-access / real-time scanning. In short, every AV that has a real-time scanning capability will show an extra column of results in the ...

Be sure you are prepared for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

22. October 2013 Security 4
UPDATE: Mavericks is available now or will be later today. I put this post back at the top of the page so the tips can be seen by everyone before upgrading. With the next version of Apple’s Operating System right around the corner it is time to start preparing for those that want to upgrade. ...

Malware test results – Sample and PDF changes

20. October 2013 Security 2
I have received a good amount of feedback in answer to my previous post. There is plenty of work still to be done but I have made some changes to the malware sample set and the PDF. These changes are: – Two linux malware samples were removed. A few products benefitted from this and now ...

Java updates for OS X available

15. October 2013 Security 0
Earlier today Apple released updates to Java for OS X. Go to your Apple menu > Software Update to install the update available for your system. Eligible OS X versions are 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion. The updates fix several vulnerabilities and are recommended for all OS X users.