Detection Rate Results

If you just want to know which antivirus application does the best job at detecting malware then have a look at the latest results ==> here <== (last updated: July 15th, 10:39PM EST).  It’s a PDF file that’s updated as soon as new malware samples become available and all apps are tested. The PDF changes but the download link does not, so you can always come back to this page and click on the above link to get the latest file available.

The PDF will include more information over time such as resource usage and other details. While sample detection gives a good indication of how up to date an AV’s database is, also look at trace detection as those are the files that would be present in real infections. If an AV does very well in sample detection but poorly in trace detection you may want to look for another product still. The links below are older versions of the results PDF, you can use these to see how well an AV does over time.

Previous versions of the PDF can be found below.
- LatestDetectionRates-Apr2014-1.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Apr2014.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Jan2014-2.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Jan2014-1.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Jan2014.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Dec2013-1.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Dec2013.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Nov2013-2.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Nov2013-1.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Nov2013.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013-6.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013-5.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013-4.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013-3.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013-2.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013-1.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Oct2013.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Sept2013-1.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Sept2013.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-Aug2013.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-June2013.pdf
- LatestDetectionRates-May2013.pdf