Setting up your own OS X Sync Server

ServerIconMarch 18, 2014 – Before deciding to set up your own server to sync Contacts and Calendars have a look at this article.

With iTunes in Mavericks no longer able to sync your contacts and calendars, people have set out to look for alternatives. For me this meant setting up my own server. To set up a server that’s accessible through the internet you need a domain, setup DNS and have a good understanding of firewalls and security so you won’t put the server and all it’s contents at risk. Setting up a local server is much easier and as it does not accept connections that come in from outside of the network it’s much safer too. This entire post is for OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

These pages may get updated soon as I have learned new things after using OS X Server for a few months. For now this step-by-step guide should still get the job done. Comments can be placed on the last page.