A year of AV testing

14. April 2014 Security 1
A little under a year has passed since I took over the AV testing from AppleSerialNumberInfo.com. It has taken up tremendous amounts of time and took a little while to evolve into what it is today. I think by now I have the hang of it though and figured out a good way to test ...

Catastrophic bug in OpenSSL

08. April 2014 Security 10
A bug was discovered in OpenSSL, CVE-2014-0160, that has since been named “The Heartbleed Bug”. If you have not heard about this, have a look at this website that explains the bug in detail much better than I can with my limited understanding of crypto. In short: The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in ...

Adobe updates Flash Player

08. April 2014 Security 2
Adobe released updates to it’s Flash Player versions for Mac, Windows and Linux today. Update your versions as soon as possible via System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced or download a fresh copy from the Adobe website. The full bulletin can be found here. Update: Read the comments to this post to find out ...

New version of VirusBarrier included in test

05. April 2014 Security 0
Naturally one day after I update the test I find out Intego has released a new version of VirusBarrier, X8. Serves me right for not paying closer attention. Some of the new features listed are: New:  Revised and polished User Interface to improve the customer experience New:  Low priority scan setting to enhance system performance while ...

Malware detection rates updated

03. April 2014 Security 2
Sorry for the wait folks, I’ve been quite busy lately. Finally got around to updating the antivirus test, the results can be found here. The virtual machines were updated with the latest available software (still OS X 10.8.5 though), plugins and some new malware. New software since last test: – iTunes 11.1.5 – Security Update ...

Safari Updates

02. April 2014 Security 1
Apple released updates for Safari 6 and 7. The versions, once installed, are 6.1.3 and 7.0.3. Apart from a few enhancements there are also some security fixes. The full list of enhancements can be found in the update description in the App Store and the security content can be found here.

Firefox updated. New features and Security fixes.

18. March 2014 Security 0
Today Mozilla released Firefox version 28 for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android. Mac users can now enjoy Notification Center support and other additions. This release also had several security fixes; 5 critical, 3 high, 7 moderate and 3 low priority. To update your Firefox go to the Firefox menu and select “About Firefox”. The about ...

Updates for Adobe Flash Player

11. March 2014 Security 0
Adobe today released a small update to it’s Flash Player for Windows, Mac and Linux.The vulnerabilities that were patched are listed as “Important” and it is recommended to install the patch sooner rather than later. As always Mac users can go to their System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced > Updates to check for ...

iOS 7.1 released, fixes a lot of security issues

10. March 2014 Security 0
Today Apple pushed out iOS 7.1 that comes with some new features and enhancements but also quite a few security patches. These fixes make the update an important one that should be installed on any device that currently run iOS 7. Owners of iPhone 4 and 4S can look forward to a more responsive overall ...