Mac How-to, tips, hints and troubleshooting

19. April 2014 Just an update 0
I have always had a lot of fun helping other people out with their Mac issues. I still do. Over the years I have had several websites that focus on helping out Mac users one way or another. Some survived, others have not. Providing tips, tricks, ways to troubleshoot and fix is something I have ...


01. January 2014 Just an update, Security 1
2013 flew by! I started this blog in March, feels like it was last week. Last year was an interesting one mostly thanks to Edward Snowden and his revelations. Most people are more aware of their privacy and security (or lack there of) and are looking to get back as much of it as they ...

The power of infographics

17. August 2013 Just an update 1
I remember when I read a book and was able to visualize the whole story in my head, down to the smallest detail. Over the years we started getting more and more visual input and information in general and our imaginations and attention/retention spans took a serious hit, my own included. Now I don’t believe ...

What i think of Mr. Baldwin’s article

07. June 2013 Just an update 3
Mr. Baldwin is upset. In an article he wrote for named “All The Things Apple Needs To Fix in OS X” (don’t ask me why every word is capitalized, i have no clue) he lists some things that Apple needs to address. Apple needs to address this because Mr. Baldwin is “really frustrated with ...


19. May 2013 Just an update 0
I was able to spend my weekend with some very nice and talented people at the HackMiami conference. This year (amongst many other great speakers) i heard Dave Marcus from McAfee Threat Labs present a keynote about malware, Emilio Casbas, the security manager within the System Exploitation Department of Incita, showed off an online tool he created ...

A very nice RSS Notifier

24. April 2013 Just an update 2
Something completely unrelated to security but i just had to share. I have been looking for a good, simple, clean RSS notifier for Mac since Apple stripped it from Mail and i have found one. The reason i am sharing is because it is a great way to stay up to date on this website ...


27. March 2013 Just an update 0
As this is a new blog the design and layout will be changing until i find a good theme that i see myself using for a long time. Until then, enjoy the occasional change of scenery 🙂


18. March 2013 Just an update 1
This simple blog will be all about security. Digital security mostly but anything is covered really. From paper shredders to good password practices and online threats to encryption. Whatever happens to come to mind when the blogging mood strikes and involves security one way or another. I have plenty to say but hardly any time ...