What is the best browser? And how is ‘best’ defined?

14. June 2013 Security 1

There are quite a few browsers out there, most known, some unknown. Browsers are rated mostly by consumers and focus on how fast it starts, how fast it loads pages and how easy it is to use. Of course these are all important but what about security, what about privacy? Before you read this post i must warn you that i do not provide any answers at this time. I’m just pointing out my interest in this and marking the start of my investigation.

Can you trust Chrome, a browser by Google, a company who is in the business of collecting and selling user data? With Safari being the most used browser on Macs, how much data is collected by Apple and stored on their servers? What about Firefox, Opera, etc. etc. With the recent news about the NSA having access to the servers of the biggest internet companies you have to think of all applications and services you use that connect to those compromised servers, specially your web browser which is one of the most used applications on any platform. I have found resources that can answer these types of questions for me very hard to find so it may take me a while before i have some answers. By the time i am done, i should be able to tell you which browser is best able to protect your privacy, anonymity and data either out of the box or with the help of additional plug-ins. Until then, protect yourself by following the tips in this article.

This should be an interesting quest 🙂

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