Security Updates for Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard

02. July 2013 Security 2

Apple on Tuesday released five security updates. One for Mountain Lion, two for Lion and two for Snow Leopard. Use Software Update to download and install the update that applies to your system or download them from these links:

10.8 – Mountain Lion:
Security Update 2013-003 (20.4 MB)

10.7 – Lion:
Security Update 2013-003 (Client, 61 MB)
Security Update 2013-003 (Server, 111.3 MB)

10.6 – Snow Leopard:
Security Update 2013-003 (Client, 349.5 MB)
Security Update 2013-003 (Server, 424.5 MB)

All patches appear to apply to QuickTime only and patch the following vulnerabilities:

A restart will be required after installation has completed. It is recommended that all users install these updates as soon as possible. More info here and here.

if you are having issues installing updates, have a look at this page to see about resolving them.

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