3 thoughts on “Deleting online services you no longer want or need, the easy way”

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    Aliki on August 26, 2013 Reply

    Sometimes with all of the privacy issues it’s tempting to just disappear from the radar. But with technology today it’s hard to go completely

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    Thomas on October 2, 2016 Reply

    I am a bit troubled that the links to JustDelete.me lead to http://backgroundchecks.org/justdeleteme/. So far so good, but the parent site is more troublesome. The headliner for backgroundchecks.org is a very prominent “Start Your Records Search.” This, in turn, leads to https://www.instantcheckmate.com. This site seems to be dedicated to getting out money and harvesting email addresses for targeted spam. See https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/instantcheckmate.com. A site that purports to help make us MORE safe seems to take us to a site that is designed to make us LESS safe.

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      Jay on October 3, 2016 Reply

      Definitely curious. I’ll look into this and see if it warrants a follow up article. That said justdelete.me is not designed to help us be more safe, it just offers handy shortcuts to help users close an account.

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