Adobe Flash update available

13. November 2013 Security 2


[post updated to correct a typo that showed version .117 to be the current one. It should be .152. Thanks Ted for pointing this out.]

In case your system has not alerted you to the fact a new version is available (Flash rarely does this even though it should), you can get the latest version by going to System preferences > Flash Player > Advanced. Check for updates and you’ll be prompted to install one. You can also download an installer here. When done your Flash Player version should read 11.9.900.152.

An update is also available for ColdFusion, more details here.

The Flash Player update fixes two critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-5329, CVE-2013-5330) and the ColdFusion update addresses one (CVE-2013-5328).

2 thoughts on “Adobe Flash update available”

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    TED on November 13, 2013 Reply

    My install from last night is 11.9.900.152

    • 2
      Jay on November 13, 2013 Reply

      Ah thanks for pointing it out. The post has been updated.

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