Malware Detection Rate results updated

11. January 2014 Security 1

In this update no new samples were added and since last test not much has changed, just a few slight shifts in ranking. G Data AntiVirus for Mac was added to the test and almost made it to the top of 80% or better detection rates. While this newcomer to the test did not manage to get great results, it certainly put the big names in the industry like Symantec (Norton) and McAfee to shame by outperforming them. I have made G Data aware of their inclusion in the test (as I have done with all AV vendors) and will re-test them in the next few updates to see if they will better their detection rates. If they stay below 80% I will stop including them in the frequent tests like all the others that score less than 80%, in that case their results will be updated once a new version or a significant amount of new samples becomes available.

G Data currently enters the list at number 14, it’s not great but not at all bad either once you see the 20 (discontinued products excluded) AV products that come after it. I’m excited to see a new player (new to me at least) and I hope they do well in the future.

As always you can find the latest results in a downloadable PDF on this page. The next test may see several more Flashback samples added as Intego reported the malware is still surprisingly active even two years after the fact, at least 22,000 of the 600,000 infected machines are still infected today. While most of the control servers have been either shut down or acquired by Apple, AV companies and researchers, this should mean that Flashback is no longer calling home to anyone malicious, it can still pose a risk. There may still be control servers out there that are accessible by those with malicious intent, the backdoor may open up ports on your Mac and leave you vulnerable to other attacks etc. So I am curious to see how all the AV will do once they have been tested against ALL the available Flashback samples (there are a lot, so get ready ;).

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