iOS and OS X updates with security fixes released.

22. April 2014 Security 1

Today Apple released updates for iOS and OS X. The iOS update, 7.1.1, contains bug fixes for Touch ID, keyboard responsiveness and 19 security patches and the OS X update focusses on just security.

The Apple TV got a similar security update today.

All the updates fix a rather important SSL bug that allows a man-in-the-middle attacker to intercept secure SSL traffic. The update is available for Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks users and should be installed as soon as possible.

This is not related to the now famous heartbleed bug. Apple products and software is not, and wasn’t at any point, vulnerable to this bug unless a custom version of OpenSSL was installed by the user or came bundled with user installed software.

On iOS devices go to Settings > Software Update or connect the device to iTunes. Mac users can get the update through the Software Update menu or the App Store.

Update: A base station firmware update was also released for AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac. This update also addresses an SSL bug.

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