Antivirus tests pages removed or updated.

21. November 2013 Security 0

– A list of all the products and version numbers was removed. They can all be found in the PDF.
– “Hardware used” and it’s pages were removed. When referring to hardware specific tests and results in the future the hardware and specs will be mentioned at that time.
– Individual AV product tests were removed. The products and results change so often that these pages were outdated almost as soon as I published them. For the most up to date results check out the PDF. Resource usage and other details will be published in the PDF in the future as well.
– The “Testing Methodology” page has been rewritten with more details. If you’d like more details please let me know and I will add them.
– The “How apps are rated” page was removed as the testing methodology for products has changed and individual reports will not be published anymore.

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