01. January 2014 Just an update, Security 1

2013 flew by! I started this blog in March, feels like it was last week. Last year was an interesting one mostly thanks to Edward Snowden and his revelations. Most people are more aware of their privacy and security (or lack there of) and are looking to get back as much of it as they can, I’m very happy many thousands of you referred to and consulted this blog in order to do so. In 2014 I want to keep giving you the best Mac AV testing and comparison available, inform you about the most relevant news and updates for Mac security, security and privacy in general and after the huge interest in my article “Setting up your own sync server” I will create new how-to’s for those that want to incorporate OS X server on a larger scale and/or put it online.

To all of you a happy, healthy and surveillance free 2014!

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    Rafael on January 6, 2014 Reply

    Definitely looking forward on the how-to. I heard apple fixed the VPN on the server, now I am just waiting for them to update the processor on the mac mini and i’ll finally have my own private secure cloud thanks to your site. Keep up the good work.

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