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19. April 2014 Just an update 0

I have always had a lot of fun helping other people out with their Mac issues. I still do. Over the years I have had several websites that focus on helping out Mac users one way or another. Some survived, others have not.

Providing tips, tricks, ways to troubleshoot and fix is something I have also attempted on a few of my websites and while it started off strong, it faded fast because I did not keep it up to date or relevant. So finally I gave up and left it to those with the experience and time needed to do it right while I focused on other types of content, like the blog you are looking at now.

Last month another website popped up. This site belongs to Topher Kessler whom you may know from CNET’s MacFixIt blog or even the Apple Support Forums. To quote from this new site, called MacIssues:

This Web site is, a troubleshooting and how-to resource for Apple Macintosh hardware and software, as well as iOS devices.
This site’s focus is on regular troubleshooting articles for how to fix your Mac, customize and tweak it, and use it to best serve your needs. Content is directed for all users, and may be basic details of the OS X interface, through to more complex uses of the OS X Terminal and OS underpinnings.
This site is intended to be a collective effort of the community, so while regular content will be posted, user suggestions, tips, hints, and fixes are welcomed.

As someone that troubleshoots and repairs Mac and iOS issues every day I see great value in websites like these. Even if you currently do not experience any issues, swing by and have a look at the content that’s already there. The site also has a user forum where ideas, suggestions and questions can flow free. The site is new so give it some time to develop. If Topher’s past with MacFixIt is any indication this site will become a very useful resource in the future.

As I mentioned, I have had similar websites in the past and know how much time and effort it takes to keep it relevant and interesting. Tip of the hat to Mr. Kessler for starting fresh, I have no doubt it’ll work out.

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