Old Mac trojan returns

12. February 2015 Security 1

For the past few days I’ve been keeping an eye on reports stating an old Mac trojan, OpinionSpy, is back. Intego has indeed confirmed the old trojan has found it’s way back to the Mac platform. This time through downloads from download.cnet.com. The application “Free Video Cutter Joiner” will install additional contents if you allow it to. With most people just clicking through installers as fast as they can to get to the good stuff, additional content like this can easily be overlooked.

I have obtained all the samples associated with the above mentioned file and a few others, they will be included in the antivirus test during the next update. In the mean time, watch out for any content from cnet.com and download.com and the following names:
– Free Video Cutter Joiner
– Free MP3 Cutter Joiner
– Audio Converter Mac
– Video Converter Mac
– PremierOpinion
– DVDVideoMedia
See any of these names in a file or website, stay clear for now.

If you use Little Snitch, and you should, look out for any connection attempts to:
– securestudies.com
– premieropinion.com
or any of their subdomains.

More info here.

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