Antivirus testing, methodology and PDF changes

26. October 2013 Security 0
I have adjusted the testing methodology and some of these changes are reflected in the latest PDF. These changes are: – Results for the top performing AV applications now show results for on-access / real-time scanning. In short, every AV that has a real-time scanning capability will show an extra column of results in the ...

Be sure you are prepared for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

22. October 2013 Security 4
UPDATE: Mavericks is available now or will be later today. I put this post back at the top of the page so the tips can be seen by everyone before upgrading. With the next version of Apple’s Operating System right around the corner it is time to start preparing for those that want to upgrade. ...

Malware test results – Sample and PDF changes

20. October 2013 Security 2
I have received a good amount of feedback in answer to my previous post. There is plenty of work still to be done but I have made some changes to the malware sample set and the PDF. These changes are: – Two linux malware samples were removed. A few products benefitted from this and now ...

Java updates for OS X available

15. October 2013 Security 0
Earlier today Apple released updates to Java for OS X. Go to your Apple menu > Software Update to install the update available for your system. Eligible OS X versions are 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion. The updates fix several vulnerabilities and are recommended for all OS X users.

Lavabit back online for a brief period of time

15. October 2013 Security 0
Today Lavabit, the secure email provider that was forced to shut down in August, resumed service. During the next few days current users are able to change their password and allow data recovery. Here is the press release: Oct 14, 2013 19:00 ET Lavabit to Briefly Reinstate Services for Data Recovery ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 14, ...

Rethinking the way I test antivirus applications

14. October 2013 Security 1
The details of how I currently test antivirus (AV) applications can be found on this page in detail and while I think this is a good methodology, I’ll be making some changes. I’m still working out the details but I’ll post my thoughts here in case you, the reader, has ideas or feedback. System performance ...

Trend Micro no more

13. October 2013 Security 0
For some time I have been trying to update the test results for Trend Micro’s AV product. Brand new virtual machines, using a VPN, re-downloading or installing from a download I already had… Nothing works. So I reached out to Trend Micro asking for a trial license or a full license so I could continue ...

Malware detection list updated, yup, again [updated]

12. October 2013 Security 0
It’s been a long and hard few days for my poor Mac Pro, running a dozen virtual machines simultaneously for hours on end testing AV products and only getting some rest when I was sleeping (the AC had to run a bit extra too because the office felt like a sauna!) But it’s done. I’ve ...