Protecting your data from ransomware

24. August 2016 Security 0
With ransomware being able to go after data on your Mac, external drives and even network shares, how do you protect your precious files? Yours truly wrote a post on Intego’s Mac Security Blog that tells you all about it. Have a look here.

Using your password manager the right way

20. August 2016 Security 5
I have mentioned 1Password before. It is, in my book, the best password manager for Mac and iOS available. If you are not familiar with it, I highly recommend you check it out and start using it sooner rather than later. If you have been using 1Password or are about to use it now, this ...


26. June 2016 Security 3
Ransomware. You’ve probably heard it mentioned recently as some pretty big targets fell victim to it and though rare, the Mac has been targeted as well. A few months ago ransomware named KeRanger was found to encrypt user files and when successful the victim had to pay $400 to have their files unlocked or lose ...

We’re back!

29. May 2016 Just an update 2
Having a baby, running a business and working on several other projects, something had to give and was it. With the business running smooth and the baby now 5 months old, I had some time to practice time-management in this new situation and I think I have it figured out to a point where ...

A few days with OS X 10.11 El Capitan [Updated]

03. October 2015 Just an update 1
I mentioned in a previous post I had high hopes for El Capitan. After installing it on September 30th, I am not disappointed. My system is fast, scrolling through large directories is smooth, Finder does not choke up when working with lots of folders open, Mail is no longer freaking out because my Mail folder ...

Get ready for OS X 10.11 El Capitan

29. September 2015 Just an update 1
While I am not crazy about the new name, I am very excited about the product. Some new features are introduced but the majority of the work has been under the hood to improve responsiveness, stability and usability. My favorite versions of OS X to date have been 10.4.11 Tiger and 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, both ...

Be sure you are prepared for iOS9

15. September 2015 Just an update 0
This exact article is recycled every year when a new iOS is about to be released. I have edited it where needed and republished it so you can be ready for tomorrow’s upgrade to iOS 9. Tomorrow Apple’s iOS 9 will be available to the public. The next few days you’ll hear a lot of ...

Adobe Flash Player, it’s time to say goodbye.

08. July 2015 Security 0
I can’t remember a time without you. You’ve caused sluggish performance, slow page loads and have put me at risk many times. Adobe Flash Player, it’s time to go. It’s no secret that Flash Player is not the best web plug-in to have. A long history and list of security vulnerabilities. Very demanding on your ...

Apple releases updates for OS X and iOS

30. June 2015 Security 4
While you’re reading this, have your Time Machine or other backup running. Today Apple released software updates for OS X and iOS. The update for iOS is 8.4 and it’s main purpose is the introduction of iTunes Music but as always some security related issues were addressed as well. A total of 35 security issues ...