Security, your responsibility

10. April 2013 Security 2
Do you care about security? Sure you do. You want the police to be there when you need them, you want the mall or a store to have security to protect you, you want your bank to implement security measures so no-one else can steal your money, you want your employer to have policies to ...

We’ve never met but you just told me everything i need

10. April 2013 Security 2
Sitting on a bus there is a man behind me engaged in a phone conversation. What drew my attention is him getting frustrated. “Sorry, i got disconnected, Sprint reception is terrible.” Seemingly useless information but not for someone who’s job is it to gather information and use it for whatever purpose they want. So this ...

Flash Update

09. April 2013 Security 1
Flash released a new update to their plugin today. To update, go to System Preferences, select Flash (usually in the bottom row), then select Advanced. In there you will find a button labeled “Check Now” in the Updates section. Click that and follow the prompts and instructions. Once installed, next to the button it should say “Plug-in version ...

Privacy Online

06. April 2013 Security 7
There is so much to say about your privacy online and how it is being logged, monitored, saved and used against you but i will keep this fairly brief. More posts like this will follow in the future, each covering a piece of the enormous puzzle. I have been trying numerous ways to get my ...

Further secure your Apple ID

21. March 2013 Security 0
Apple is now finally supporting two step verification. This adds an additional layer of security to your Apple ID. For more info click here. I highly recommend you enable this security feature. Note: Two Step verification is currently only available in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand Update: A very good example of ...

Potential malware alert

21. March 2013 Security 1
Yontoo / Twit Tube Have a look here. And here. March 24, Update: users of Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 are now protected from this malware as Apple has updated it’s file quarantine (aka XProtect) database.

Data Security

20. March 2013 Security 2
Making sure you have a reliable backup of your data is important, in a way security for your data. I’ll go into encryption and safe ways to store your backup another time but for now let’s focus on just getting all your data backed up right. Earlier this week i received a call from a ...

Password Strategies – Part Two

19. March 2013 Security 5
Now that you have good, strong passwords, it’s time to start looking at where you implemented them. You remember Bob Williams right? Sure you do, the other article is only a day old. He works for a high profile law enforcement agency. Naturally that agency has a lot of information on their workstations and servers ...

Password Strategies – Part One

19. March 2013 Security 12
Allow me to introduce Bob Williams, he is 49 years of age born in 1964, lives in New York but was born in France and he is a Taurus. Two dogs named Hank and Frank, he uses a Mac Pro, loves orange juice and of course he loves his wife Shannon. Just a few random ...

Disable or Uninstall Java

19. March 2013 Security 2
And when i say Java i mean Java, not JavaScript. These are not the same things. Java can operate on it’s own whereas JavaScript needs to be placed inside an HTML document to function. Java uses it’s runtime (a small software environment that is basically a mini Operating System or a Virtual Machine) that is ...