Reader reply – The two biggest Computer killers

03. June 2013 Security 4
After my article from yesterday “The two biggest Computer killers” i received an email from a reader. He keeps his iMac clean by wiping down the glass panel and the top of his computer, he keeps his desk clear and thought it was enough. As he does smoke and has carpet throughout the house (huge ...

The two biggest Computer killers

31. May 2013 Security 2
Let’s be honest, not many people periodically open their computer up to give it a thorough cleaning. And i discourage you from opening up your computer if you’ve never done so before and/or don’t know what you’re doing but it is important that it gets done at some point. Two of a computer’s worst enemies ...

Twitter enables two-factor authentication

22. May 2013 Security 0
After having accounts compromised again and again Twitter thought it was time to offer some extra security for their users. Have a look at their blog post here and enable this additional security feature if you use Twitter.

Mac antivirus application face-off, pages live

22. May 2013 Security 0
I’ve decided to make the result pages accessible and just hide the pages that are not done yet. This way you can read about the hardware used, malware samples used and methodology used in testing. There are a total of 34 applications so doing the performance impact testing and write-ups on each of them will ...

Mac antivirus application face-off, first results

21. May 2013 Security 0
After testing 31 Antivirus applications for the Mac, here are the detection rate results. These include the latest KitM.A malware. A lot of work still has to be done so this list is not complete/finished. Performance impact, behavior and a lot more tests are still being done for each individual application, this will take some ...

New malware found targeting Mac (updated)

17. May 2013 Security 0
This malware appears to be quite harmless, so far, it takes screenshots and stores them in a folder on your Mac. The malware, named OSX/KitM.A connects with two command & control servers which are currently not operational. Wether these servers have been operational in the past or will be in the future is unknown but ...

Adobe updates Flash Player, ColdFusion and more

14. May 2013 Security 0
Adobe has released an update for ColdFusion, Reader and Flash Player. Update your Adobe products today to avoid having their vulnerabilities exploited. You can update Flash Player in your System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced > “Check Now”. After updating Flash Player your version should read: 11.7.700.202

Apple ID Two-Step Verification

11. May 2013 Security 0
The previously mentioned Two-Step Verification enabled by Apple to further secure your Apple ID was initially only available in theĀ US, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Apple is currently rolling out this feature in more countries. Though the supported countries are not mentioned on Apple’s website yet there are reports online of it now working ...

Antivirus for Mac

09. May 2013 Security 0
Do a search on your preferred search engine and you’ll find mixed results. From the actual antivirus companies advertising stating you really need antivirus software on your Mac to various blogs, forums and websites that state you really don’t. So which one is it? Do you or don’t you? I’ll state my case and have ...