Apple – Open Source

17. June 2013 Security 0
“Apple believes that using Open Source methodology makes Mac OS X a more robust, secure operating system, as its core components have been subjected to the crucible of peer review for decades. Any problems found with this software can be immediately identified and fixed by Apple and the Open Source community.” This is true, OS ...

Uninstalling Applications

17. June 2013 Security 1
As we all know, OS X does not come with a built-in uninstaller. While many do not see this as a problem, i do feel it’s an issue. Just throwing an application in the trash leaves files behind all over the hard drive and this clutter can cause your system to run slow down the ...

The two biggest Computer Killers – Review

15. June 2013 Security 1
This is an add-on to my previous article “The two biggest Computer Killers” and focusses on two things; the Mac Pro (all models) and dust. In that article i describe what dust can do to a machine, amongst other things. A company called Transintl. Inc. has released a dust filter for the Mac Pro a ...

What is the best browser? And how is ‘best’ defined?

14. June 2013 Security 1
There are quite a few browsers out there, most known, some unknown. Browsers are rated mostly by consumers and focus on how fast it starts, how fast it loads pages and how easy it is to use. Of course these are all important but what about security, what about privacy? Before you read this post ...

Nine reasons you don’t have “nothing to hide”

11. June 2013 Security 0
“In the wake of former CIA employee Edward Snowden’s revelations of the PRISM NSA mass surveillance, people are once again asking why the general public should care if they’ve got nothing to hide.” The intro to a very good article written by Sean Rintel on the Electronic Frontiers website. I found this a great article, specially for folks shrugging at ...

Flash, AIR and Office updates available

11. June 2013 Security 1
Adobe released updates to AIR and Flash Player today and Microsoft pushed out an update for Office. As usual you can initiate the Flash Player update from your System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced panel, this should install the latest version which is now 11.7.700.225. The latest version of Adobe AIR can be downloaded ...

Computer theft, how to prepare

08. June 2013 Security 2
If and when it happens, it usually happens to folks who were not prepared. So while we hope your computer will never get stolen it’s a good idea to prepare just in case. Preparations are quite simple, do not take up a lot of time and can save you a whole lot of grief if ...

What a week, let’s talk PRISM

08. June 2013 Security 4
You may have heard the term PRISM in these last few days. PRISM is an NSA program that was, until a few days ago, top secret. PRISM allows the NSA to access the servers of major internet companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Apple and a few others and with that, your information.

What i think of Mr. Baldwin’s article

07. June 2013 Just an update 3
Mr. Baldwin is upset. In an article he wrote for named “All The Things Apple Needs To Fix in OS X” (don’t ask me why every word is capitalized, i have no clue) he lists some things that Apple needs to address. Apple needs to address this because Mr. Baldwin is “really frustrated with ...

How to see if your antivirus is actually working

05. June 2013 Security 0
This is tricky. Many AV companies claim to be the best but how can you test your AV product? Many sites will refer you to the EICAR website where you can download a file that should be recognized by your AV as a virus. Mind you, the file is not an actual virus but has ...