New malware found targeting Mac (updated)

17. May 2013 Security 0
This malware appears to be quite harmless, so far, it takes screenshots and stores them in a folder on your Mac. The malware, named OSX/KitM.A connects with two command & control servers which are currently not operational. Wether these servers have been operational in the past or will be in the future is unknown but ...

Adobe updates Flash Player, ColdFusion and more

14. May 2013 Security 0
Adobe has released an update for ColdFusion, Reader and Flash Player. Update your Adobe products today to avoid having their vulnerabilities exploited. You can update Flash Player in your System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced > “Check Now”. After updating Flash Player your version should read: 11.7.700.202

Apple ID Two-Step Verification

11. May 2013 Security 0
The previously mentioned Two-Step Verification enabled by Apple to further secure your Apple ID was initially only available in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Apple is currently rolling out this feature in more countries. Though the supported countries are not mentioned on Apple’s website yet there are reports online of it now working ...

Antivirus for Mac

09. May 2013 Security 0
Do a search on your preferred search engine and you’ll find mixed results. From the actual antivirus companies advertising stating you really need antivirus software on your Mac to various blogs, forums and websites that state you really don’t. So which one is it? Do you or don’t you? I’ll state my case and have ...

Change Your Password day, oh no…

08. May 2013 Security 1
Yesterday was Change Your Password day. While the original idea behind it is good, this day also presents a big opportunity for hackers. Hackers can use this day to get their hands on a lot of passwords. I’ll explain how.

The LivingSocial hack, why users should worry

27. April 2013 Security 0
This is an add-on to my previous post about the LivingSocial hack. As i explained in that post, user’s Names, e-mail addresses, birth dates and encrypted passwords were stolen. I also explained how this data can be used to generate some very convincing spear-phishing emails. Something i want to further focus on in this post ...

LivingSocial hacked, change your password

26. April 2013 Security 1
LivingSocial announced today they were the victim of a cyber attack that compromised their computer systems. 50 million customers had their information accessed. This includes: – Names – E-mail addresses – Birth dates – Encrypted passwords Credit card and merchant financial data was not compromised according to LivingSocial. If you have not done so already, ...

Secure file sharing – AirDrop

26. April 2013 Security 1
Out of all the ways to share files AirDrop is possibly the most underrated and least known way. AirDrop is one of the great new features of OS X Lion and later, which provides a really easy way to share files between supported Wi-Fi-enabled Macs without having to connect through the local Wi-Fi network. (excerpt ...

Security flaw found in Safari

26. April 2013 Security 1
Security researchers have flagged a simple but potentially dangerous flaw in the Apple Safari browser, which could be used to hijack users’ web sessions. The problem lies in the Apple Safari webarchive format, which saves all resources on a web page into one document. To exploit the flaw, an attacker would have to trick a victim into ...